Kaleidoscope Glass Works custom designs and creates stained glass cathedral windows. KGW has been providing the highest quality custom liturgical art glass for all denominations since 1974.  We work almost exclusively in the traditional style of stained and fired leaded glass. This allows for much more detail than simply cutting and leading together colored glass as it comes from the manufacturer. This process, while very skill and labor intensive, gives a wonderful three dimensional aspect to the finished piece. From the initial design in watercolor to the final installation, each step requires skillful precision. Click on the thumbnail photos below to see larger views of some of these steps.
The Beginning: a watercolor sketch

(photo by KGW)

 Cutting room


Cutting glass 

   Cut & ready for staining








  Loading the kiln tray

Kiln room looking into painting room


Stained & fired (Emblem of Isaiah)
Finished emblems ready for leading into the panels (photo by KGW) Assembled & being soldered Detail of finished Isaiah emblem  (photo by KGW)
The North Rose installed (photo by KGW)    

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 (Process photos by Jay Nolan unless otherwise noted)

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