Liturgical Art Glass by V. L. Berthelsdorf



Kaleidoscope Glass Works was formed in 1972 by owner and resident artist, Victor L. Berthelsdorf. Raised in Portland, Oregon, Berthelsdorf came to Florida to attend the University of South Florida in 1965. He graduated in 1969 with a degree in Anthropology. He then served two years in the Peace Corps as a medic in Ecuador on the Napo River, a tributary of the Amazon. Upon returning to Florida, his lifetime interests in art and photography combined with a chance reading of a rare volume entitled, "Adventures in Light and Color" by Charles J. Connick, a treatise on the art of stained glass. Realizing this was something he wanted to do, he devoted himself to learning the art and craft of leaded stained glass. Shortly thereafter, Kaleidoscope Glass Works was born.

Several years after its inception, KGW was asked to complete the commissions of the K.J. Mueller studio in Zephyrhills, FL, due to the untimely death of Mr. Mueller. While working in the Mueller studios, he became very close to the German painter and glass stainer, Erwin Bussewitz, current artist at Mueller Studios. Upon concluding the work there, Berthelsdorf purchased the kiln, glass and morgue patterns and retained Bussewitz as his artist and mentor. Erwin became Berthelsdorf's friend as well as instructor in the art of glass staining. Berthelsdorf was fascinated by Erwin's artistic skills, and use of tools- brushes handmade from the hair of animals such as the European fitch, and some a hundred years old. Upon Erwin's death, Berthelsdorf inherited his brushes and a passion to produce works of art that create an atmosphere in churches and edifices unmatched by any other medium.

Since its inception, KGW has created and installed windows throughout Florida in homes, businesses, and churches of many denominations.

Presently the majority of work produced by KGW is dedicated to liturgical art with an emphasis on quality and design that complements the architectural environment and enhances the experience of the viewer.



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