Liturgical Art Glass by V. L. Berthelsdorf

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Kaleidoscope Glass Works custom designs and creates stained glass cathedral windows. KGW has been providing the highest quality custom liturgical art glass for all denominations since 1972.  We work almost exclusively in the traditional style of stained and fired leaded glass. This allows for much more detail than simply cutting and leading together colored glass as it comes from the manufacturer. This process gives a wonderful three dimensional aspect to the finished piece.



The Studio’s Coat of Arms

 "Exegi monumentum aere perennius”

"I have erected a monument more lasting than bronze". (Horace)

 Traditional explanation of the contents of the shield

 Upper left shield: layout & design tools (Tee square dividers and triangle crossed with a "maul stick" or artist’s rest and a straight edge.)

 Upper right shield: Painting and staining tools ( Palette, badger blender, palette knife, highlight stick and tracing and various brushes.)

 Bottom shield:  Glass cutting, and assembly. Lead and glass tools. (Square, lead knife, soldering iron, glass cutter, nail hammer.)

 Green chevron: Protection for builders or others who have accomplished some work of faithful service, with the color green symbolizing hope, joy, and loyalty in love.

 Center intersection in chevron:  Putty brush for cementing.

 Below shield:  Spirits  (mineral and/or other)

The oak leaves & branch traditionally represents great age and strength.

The olive branch traditionally represents peace and concordance.

  © 1980 V.Berthelsdorf


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