The South Rose window

Designed and built for Lake Magdalene United Methodist Church, Tampa Florida

By Victor Berthelsdorf

Kaleidoscope Glass Works, Lutz, Florida


The Rose Window, often associated with great cathedrals, is not named because of its color but because of its shape which resembles a rose in full bloom. The predominant color is a rich, brilliant blue, with flashes of red, gold, and harmonizing colors. The outer border is symbolic of the creation, the heavens, and earth.

The central theme of the large, twelve-point South Rose Window is the Old Testament. The South Rose Windows message is the foundation of our faith in Christ.

For this reason, approximately three feet from the window's center, beginning at the seven o'clock position and running clockwise, is the verse:

Hear O Israel The Lord Our God Is One Lord

At the center of the window is the Lamp, a symbol of everlasting faith, and a symbol of Jesus Christ.

Alternating within the inner petals are symbols for the tower of clouds which the Israelites followed in the desert by day, and the tower of flames which led them during the night.


The twelve outer petals contain symbols from the Old Testament, starting with the Creation at the eleven o clock position, and ending with the Nativity.


The Creation -----------------------------------The Fall Of Man



 The Deluge ------------------------------------------ Abraham & Isaac



Joseph Of Egypt ---------------------------------The Call Of Moses



The Ten Commandments ----------------------------The Arc Of Covenant


Star of David--------------------------------------------- Solomon


Isaiah -------------------------------------------------The Nativity



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