Congregation B'nai Israel

301 59th St. North
St. Petersburg, FL


Called the “windows of wonder”  by  The Congregation B'nai Israel of St. Petersburg,  this commission was one of my most enjoyable projects.  After arriving at an overall design and symbolic content,  I collaborated with artist Lisa Jenkins  on the final design based on the High Holy Days..  I used  glass of all types ranging from mouth blown antique and  Kokomo opalescent, to pattern glass from the turn of the century.

Reading from left to right: 

 Tishah B' Av:  The east wall, and the ruined temple; and the Eternal Light symbolized by the sun.

 Shavnot:     The tablets of the Ten Commandments,  Tefflin,  grapes, figs, pomegranates, and olives.

 Lag B' Omer:  Flames as central theme, bow and arrows, horns and violin, and scissors symbolizing the children's first haircut.

 Passover:     Grain, Matzo bread, the parting waters, the cup of Elijah.

 Purim:     Scroll of Esther, Gragger, lute, flute.

 The Central Theme:     The Star of David,  The Menorah,  books symbolizing  knowledge and learning;  Mount Sinai.

 Tu B' Shevat:     grapes, pomegranates, new blossoms, carob tree, four cups of wine symbolizing  the four seasons.

 Hanukkah:     Dreidel, latkes, oil lamp, the menorah

 Sukkot & Simhat Torah: The Torah and the Yad;The Lulav, one palm branch and leaves of myrtle and willow, The Etrog, or yellow citron, grapes and olives.

 High Holy Days:  Scales, Shofar, Book of life, Jacob's ladder  

 Sabbath:       Hallot loaves;  Hardellah candles, (friday) two hallot, Kiddish cup, two candles, (Saturday) Spice tower, one braided candle, Kiddish

           cup and the prayer shawl    



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